I. Bedlinskiy, et al. (CLAS Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. C95 (3) (2017) 035202
Publication year: 2017

The cross section of the exclusive η electroproduction reaction epepη was measured at Jefferson Lab with a 5.75-GeV electron beam and the CLAS detector. Differential cross sections d4σ/dtdQ2dxBdϕη and structure functions σU=σT+ϵσL,σTT and σLT, as functions of t were obtained over a wide range of Q2 and xB. The η structure functions are compared with those previously measured for π0 at the same kinematics. At low t, both π0 and η are described reasonably well by generalized parton distributions (GPDs) in which chiral-odd transversity GPDs are dominant. The π0and η data, when taken together, can facilitate the flavor decomposition of the transversity GPDs.

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