P. T. Mattione, et al. (CLAS Collaboration)
Phys. Rev. C96 (3) (2017) 035204
Publication year: 2017

The quasi-free γdπp(p) differential cross section has been measured with CLAS at photon beam energies Eγ from 0.445 GeV to 2.510 GeV (corresponding to W from 1.311 GeV to 2.366 GeV) for pion center-of-mass angles cosθc.m.π from -0.72 to 0.92. A correction for final state interactions has been applied to this data to extract the γnπp differential cross sections. These cross sections are quoted in 8428 (Eγ,cosθc.m.π)bins, a factor of nearly three increase in the world statistics for this channel in this kinematic range. These new data help to constrain coupled-channel analysis fits used to disentangle the spectrum of N resonances and extract their properties. Selected photon decay amplitudes Nγn at the resonance poles are determined for the first time and are reported here.

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